Mini Rice Mill Unit

Mini Rice Mill

Best In Class Mini Rice Mill

The  MINI RICE MILL PLANT is an automatic complete rice milling plant.

Mini Rice Mill Features and Specifications

Mini rice mill with the features of a modern rice mill and Comes with the rice processing equipment improved from the original Rice Machine.Our improved rice mill has a better husk and rice bran aspiration system and prevents mixing of finely broken rice bran. Therefore, the quality of rice bran obtained is better. It is designed for individual farmers, market towns, schools and other units, as well as small rice processing equipment for professional grain processing households. It improves the operating environment by reducing the dust Pollution during feeding.

Has an Output of 900 – 1000 KG/Hour
Supporting Power of 34KW with grinder and 23KW without grinder

Can Process rice in farmlands, towns, grain shops and specialized households.

Convenient maintenance with little noise and high yield.

Rice Yield Rate of 69% – 72% for Standard Stem and 65% – 70 % for Standard Indica.
Steel Structure where each single unit can be easily assembled and disassembled.
Reduced Dust Pollution during Feeding
Easy to install: Customers can install this unit by themselves.

Why Choose Our Mini Rice Mill?

High Operating Efficiency

Mini Rice Mill produces an output of 900 – 1000Kg/Hour by a complete automatic process and hence it is suitable for individual farmers as well.High and Uniform Husking ratio due to specially designed equipment resulting in a Rice yield rate of 69%-72% for Standard Stem and 65%-70% for Standard Indica.

Easy to Operate and Install

The Mini Rice Mill adopts a steel structure where each single unit is easy to disassemble and assemble.Some parts of the mill have been reduced in height to make the whole machine easier to operate. All the components of the mill are installed firmly and this makes it very convenient to the user.

Reliable Performance

A milling machine should ensure consistency in quality of the end product and hence enhance the economic value of the raw material.Our Mini Rice Mill not only enhances the value and quality of the end product, but also improves the operation environment by decreasing the dust pollution during Feeding.

Best In Service

Our journey with customers doesn’t merely end at the point of sale, but goes well beyond after sale services. We strive to provide the best quality rice mill machinery with the best quality service every single day where we offer Pan India after sale service and our engineers reach the site within 24 hours, ensuring that there is no halt in your production process

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