Clean Air Is Everything

Kaeser Rotary Screw Compressor

Clean Air Is Everything

Kaeser Rotary Screw Compressor

Best In Class Compressors

Designed to deliver more compressed air for less power consumption. Fitted with IE3 motors that make it highly efficient and easy to use.

Suitable for

Color Sorters and Other Rice Mill Usage

Compressor Features and Specifications

The Kaeser’s ASK Rotary Screw Compressors are true leaders in their class when it comes to stationary compressed air applications. They are built to remove complete moisture and pump in fresh air, which aids in the better functioning of rice mill machinery . They fulfil every customer requirement: they are highly energy-efficient, soundless, require minimal maintenance, extremely reliable and deliver the best in air quality.

Equipped with Sigma Profile Airends that have a flow rate of 0.79 to 4.65 m³/min, and pressure of 5.5 to 15 bar

Powered by IE3 drive motors that ensure maximum efficiency.

Comes with Sigma Control 2 that offers optimum monitoring and control.

Refrigeration Dryer that has an Electronic Condensate Drain which eliminates any compressed air loss.

Stainless Steel Condensate Separator.

EMC Certified.

Energy saving control.

kaeser compressor

Why Choose Kaeser Compressor?

Quality In The Details

The Kaeser Compressor assures quality through every step of the way. From the Sigma Profile airends that optimize your flow efficiency, the Sigma Control 2 that maximise control, and the IE3 motors that deliver the best performance. 

Modular Design

Built with precision pressure control that maintains the pressure within ±0.1 bar, which reduces  maximum pressure and  saves both energy and money. Comes with a Siemens Frequency converter that ensures maximum efficiency at all times.

Energy Efficient Integrated Dryers

Fitted with a Stainless steel plate heat exchanger and condensate separator removes any accumulating condensate from the air. The Refrigeration Dryer comes with an ECO Drain that eliminates any compressed air loss, thus making the dryer energy efficient.

Reliable Performance

Kaeser compressors are EMC Certified, each component is tested and built to provide the most amount of compressed air for lower power consumption. Designed to run at controlled speed thus saving energy, maximising service life and enhancing reliability.

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