Sort Out The Best
Quality Grains

Daewon Full Color Sorter

Sort Out The Best Quality Grains

Daewon Full Color Sorter

Top Grade Sorting Technology

Ensures 100% accuracy by simultaneous sorting of grains based on colour, shape and contaminants. High quality performance with easy operation.

Suitable for

Rice and All Types of Dals

Color Sorter Features and Specifications

The Daewon Color Sorter SPK+ Series is a superior technology sorter that removes all discolored and crushed grains using image capturing processes, thus giving you only the best quality grains. It is equipped with remote control and wifi service that enables the sorter to work without any human intervention. Designed to complete any rate of sorting in harsh conditions at maximum efficiency.

Can handle anywhere between 5 to 15 tonnes per hour.

Uses only 250 ejectors in comparison to other sorters that use 436 ejectors!

The RGB camera has a 5400 pixel high resolution sensor.

Can recognise upto 16 million different colors, & easily picks out any discolored grains.

The NIR camera has a high resolution of 0.14 – 1.12mm.

High Luminant Textured LED with 30% enhanced intensity

Multiple machines can be controlled with the remote or smartphone.

Operated using Android Operating Systems.

Why Choose Daewon Full Color Sorter ?

Precise Image
Capturing Technology

Equipped with RGB and an optional NIR camera, it’s impossible for any contaminant to make it through while sorting. The camera has enhanced resolution, low noise and swift response to meet high speed processing.

Lesser Ejectors,
Higher Efficiency.

Unlike other sorts that use 436 ejectors, the Daewon Full Color Sorter Uses only 250 ejectors! These ejectors eliminate any and all particulate matter from entering your grain stack with the help of its specialized air nozzles.

Easy and Convenient Operation

The sorter has an easy control system which is run by Android Operating System. One can control multiple machines using just one remote control that can be accessed via smartphone as well.

Hassle-Free Sorting
of Grains

The Daewon Color Sorter ensures all grains are free of any contaminants with 100% accuracy. It is designed to complete any rate of sorting even through tough situations at maximum efficiency.

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