Daewon Full Color Sortex SPK+ Series

About Product

Daewon sorter simultaneously sorts grains based on colors, shapes, and contaminants. We serve many solutions for various grains sorting, having High technologies of sensor, software and other mechanic operating. Our solutions are suitable to improve productivity and quality of grain


 (WXLXH mm)(ton/hr)(kw)(kw)


RGB Full Camera

– 5400pixel High-Resolution Sensor
– Analysis 0.07mm(other company: 0.14mm)
– High Sensitivity and Low Noise
– 16 million colour recognition
– Recognition of real colour
– Fully developed software makes high quality of image realization

NIR Camera

– Resolution ability : 0.14~1.12mm
– 1300~1700nm(Halogen Light Source Wavelength)
– Sorting same colour with input as plastic, insect, stone, glass, vinyl etc


– High Efficiency LED
– High Luminance LED Module
– 30% of enhanced intensity
– Minimizing the effect of heat and frequency
– High Power LED

High Technology

Remote control

– Multiple machine control by remote
– Time, space free setting and monitoring(A/S)
– Access by smartphone


– Our ejector is exclusively developed and patented. The ejector guarantees precision and durability of the 1 billion ejections.


– Easy and stable control
– Colour, size, area and length sorting mode
– UI update & remote control by internet

Reliable and Precise

SPK+ is designed to complete any rate of sorting on hard conditions so users are satisfied by the precise working and reliable outcome. Users will feel the difference of our superior technology

Easy and Convenient

Users can operate the machine easily just by touching the menu that is displayed on the LCD panel and is operated and is operated on the basis of the Android Operating System.

Our Major Installations

We Deliver All Over Telangana

Delivery Time – 30 Days

Payment Terms – FLC/ TT

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