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Thermax Huskpac Boilers

Steam That Makes A Difference

Thermax Huskpac Boilers

World’s Highest Husk Saving Boiler

Designed to provide low-cost heating with fuel efficiency upto 74%. The perfect steam that boils and dries your paddy.

Suitable for

All Rice Mills and Parboiled Rice Mills

Boiler Features and Specifications

The Thermax Huskpac Ultra Boilers are the highest husk saving boilers, they use rice husk as fuel and produce steam that both boils and dries up paddy as well. Therefore saving on both your costs and fuel efficiency. It is fitted with specially designed air nozzles that ensure proper cooling and better performance. It is designed to reduce your drying expenses while also boosting your production.


Has a capacity of 6000 Kgs per hour.

Equipped with Bubbling Bed Combustion that increases combustion efficiency and reduces ash settling.

Has an automatic fuel feeding system.

Fitted with special ferrules to protect smoke tubes from abrasive husk ash.

Has a Top Loading design to avoid nozzle failure & bulging of the reversal chamber.

Nozzles designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques to ensure proper cooling & longer life.

It is integrated with a 3 pass, wet back, integral furnace.

Why Choose Thermax Huskpac Boilers ?

Reduce Drying Expenses

By using the rice husk itself, Thermax Boilers are able to provide low cost heating with fuel efficiency upto 74%. The Bubbling bed combustion gives higher residence time to facilitate complete combustion, thus improving efficiency. 

Sophisticated Design

Integrated with a 3 pass, wet back, integral furnace. These boilers have specially designed air nozzles, done using CFD analysis that simulate the flow of gases & liquids, heat & mass transfer, and fluid structure interaction.

Energy Efficient
Integrated Dryers

The boilers have an automatic fuel firing system, and an independent fuel feeding fan that avoids any fuel carryover or unburnt loss. The software used simulates the strength of pressure parts at all locations, giving you the control.

Reliable Performance

Boilers stand as the heart of the paddy in the milling process. Thermax Huskpac boilers are not only beneficial to your mill but also strive to be environmentally friendly by using rice husk rather than other forms of fuel. It is a step towards better rice mill processes.

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