Sort Out The Best
Quality Grains

Assured Premium Quality Grains & Minimum Wastage.

Sort Out The Best Quality Grains

Assured Premium Quality Grains & Minimum Wastage.

Smart & Efficient Color Sorters

Transforming Sorting Technology One Step At a Time

Suitable for

Rice and All Types of Dals

Why Choose This Sorter ?


Advanced Image Acquisition & AI image processing: The high resolution monochromatic camera with high quality industrial lens or the RGB camera of 5000+ pixels capture images with utmost accuracy detecting minute defects in the processed material instantly.


The shape sorting algorithm compounded with the color sorting algorithms of gray level, color difference and HSV work in perfect tandem helping sort size, circular degree, texture, etc., enhancing the sorting accuracy drastically.


High-quality solenoid valve: The high-quality solenoid valves whose appeal involves longevity, high frequency, and low air consumption have a working frequency of about 1000 times per second guaranteeing accurate ejection. The varying sizes of solenoid valves used in the optical sorters ensure an easier means of usage for different sizes and characteristics of different sizes.


Unique chutes processing technology: Guaranteed high production comes from the special anodizing and hardening technology that enhances the smoothness and wear resistance.


Efficient and reliable light source: The advanced LED lighting technology brings with it the advantages of high brightness, longevity and good heat dissipation. It can be used for color selection of a variety of materials and colors, avoiding the need for replacement of light sources for different materials.


Simple operation, easy to learn and use: Simple and user friendly optical design of the system along with precise automatic correction system and well-designed user interface has helped simplify the complexity of the machine commissioning and use.

“When multiple prospects feel like the product seems tailor made for them, you know you’ve made the right choice. We take pride in designing our products with power & precision to suit our client’s needs.”

Distinctive Features

A Compressor Tailor Made for
Your Color Sorter

A Compressor Tailor Made for Your Color Sorter

Clarity Enterprises offers an optional compressor that is compatible with the color sorter. Powered by the IE4 motor, this compressor is designed to precision for efficiency and productivity.

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